Balancing 1000mg STRAWBERRY

Our high quality, Full Spectrum CBD Oil has the vital Hemp cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes to add balance to your wellness regimen. If you prefer the effects of legal micro-doses of THC, along with other Hemp phyto-compounds + a choice of NATURAL, a burst of MINT or a pop of STRAWBERRY flavor, you'll love this product!


CBD/CBG Broad Spectrum 750mg- ZERO THC

Are you looking for a high quality, and mild tasting CBD product that will complement your wellness goals with a boost of relaxing CBG? Is it important that the product is THC free? If so, this delectable Tangerine Broad Spectrum Oil is for you! 


Wellness Gift Set

Enjoy or share this fabulous tasting CBD product that will complement your wellness goals with a boost of relaxing CBG! Also in this gift set is our Peace & Balance blend that uses Ayurvedic tradition and aromatic science.

Wellness Gift CBD/CBG

Hello DELTA 8 Gummies! (vegan)

Have you heard of Delta 8? American's everywhere are cheering if it's legal in their state and not happy about it if it's not. Delta 8 is derived from the THC found in hemp and is able to offer the phycoactive effects that THC can have. Some use this for pain relief and other use it for recreational. If you're 21 and over, that's completely up to you! 



“I’m very cautious about what I put on, or in, my body. As someone in the health field, I’m well aware that essential oils are an unregulated free-for-all. I love that Jubilee of Wellness oils are sourced with care and with the detailed oversight of Michele. I can trust that what the bottle says is actually what I get. That’s why I use Jubilee of Wellness oils for wellness support.”

~Sharon McCaskill, Founder of the Helpful GF

“I absolutely love Michele. Jubilee of Wellness is really the best place shop for all of your oils. The time and knowledge that she has invested in her essential oils are beyond me. I carry her headache relief with me EVERYWHERE ! You won’t be disappointed..”

Daisha Swift, Health Care Worker, Mompreneuer & Cosmetologist

I have never been one to boast and yell about a product until I tried Michele's CBD oil. This magic oil has helped me with everything from joint pain to anxiety. I do not use this product daily but I tell people about it nearly every day. I take the 750 mint CBD oil on days when I know I have a lot going on, or when I am stressed at work and my eyes start twitching! 

Mary, Teacher, Mom, Wife, and CDB oil lover!